For the past 10 years, SCIVATION XTEND has been the best-selling BCAA drink mix on the planet. It was designed for intra-workout before there even was such a category. At the heart of the product is 7 grams per serving of top-quality BCAA in the research proven 2:1:1 ratio, with glutamine, citrulline and electrolytes, it helps the serious athlete with critical nutrition at a critical time. Build muscle faster, endure longer, recover faster with SCIVATION XTEND.

The name of SCIVATION PSYCHO specialty describes how you’ll feel in the gym after taking it. An unprecedented blend of all the best and most advanced pre-workout aids, it is designed to put you into an entirely new mindset before you attack those weights. It contains a Possessed Cognitive Blend to enhance the connectivity between mind and muscle. The Blow Up Blend opens up the blood vessels to support a new level of vascularity and nutrient delivery, while the Limitless Muscle Blend floods tissues with science-backed, hard muscle-building ingredients. The three stage blend was created for those who want to train with unbridled intensity and freak-like focus.