Arnold Schwarzenegger has accomplished more in the field of bodybuilding and fitness then anybody else in history, yet one thing he has never done is produce his own supplement line. That is about to change. In a deal signed on July 26th, Schwarzenegger has agreed to team up with MusclePharm ( Arnold will work together with MusclePharm’s product development team to produce and market the “Arnold” series of nutritional supplements bearing Schwarzenegger’s name and likeness. Initially, there will be about eight products. Presuming sales go well, this will be expanded to include more products. The first of these products will likely hit U.S.A. store shelves in the October / November period, and be available in Europe shortly after.

The new Arnold line has a very good chance to be a big hit IF Arnold is smart enough to avoid the mistakes made by his good buddy, Sly Stallone when he introduced the “Instone” line of supplements way back in 2004. The quality and marketing for “Instone” was superb, but in the end, the products were just too expensive and didn’t sell well enough. The supplement market is saturated and in such a market, celebrity and slick marketing will only go so far. Long term success is based on price. Price, price, price. If Schwarzenegger and MusclePharm can keep the price of the Arnold line reasonable and competitive with other brands, they should have a hot line on their hands.

What will Arnold get for coming on board? He will receive a royalty on all net sales of licensed products, plus 780.000 shares of MusclePharm common stock (MusclePharm is a publicly traded company on the U.S.A. Nasdaq market with the symbol MSLP). At the August 2nd closing share price of $11,60 USD, that represent a cool $9 million USD (6,77 million EUR). The agreement calls for distribution of these shares to be registered with the SEC no later than August 31, 2013, and Arnold has agreed not to sell more than 50% of the shares prior to January 26th, 2014

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